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About Us

"KSK CAPITAL" Ltd.  is the company which represents  in Ukraine premixes and concentrates of the Danish company «Vitfoss», one of the largest premix manufacturers in Europe.  
"KSK CAPITAL" Ltd. is a young and ambitious team working on the Ukraine market since 2010 for the realization of the success of the farms in the livestock industry.

The company has established itself as a reliable and responsible business partner which is able to compete with many others companies in Ukraine.  Our partners, leading domestic enterprises and farms trust us and cooperate with a great pleasure.

Our specialists take part in different conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and improve their level of professionalism. Thanks to the different trainings and internships both on the  territory of Ukraine and abroad they can coordinate, assist and advise on the following issues: feeding and growing pigs, general development of the farm, etc.

Our company offers:

  • Premixes and concentrates of the «Vitfoss» company
  • Making a recipes based on the forage base of your farm.
  • Consultation and veterinary support.
  • Well-timed and reliable delivery of the products.
  • Individual approach to each farm.

Cooperation with us brings the success and prosperity of your business!