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About Vitfoss

VitfossVitfoss is a dynamic and innovative company specialized in premixes, the main focus being on production and marketing of vitamin and mineral premixes to the feedstuff industry.

Vitfoss is one of the largest premix manufacturers in Europe and owned by DLG, the largest cooperative farm supply in Scandinavia. DLG has activities in Denmark, Sweden, North Germany, Poland and in the Baltic States.  

Vitfoss offers a wide range of products in EU countries. In non-EU countries we offer a limited range of products due to registration requirements. In North America, Central America and certain countries in Africa and Asia as well as in New Zealand and Australia Vitfoss markets a limited range of special products.

Our international activities are based on Vitfoss-owned representations, local production on selected markets and co-operation with independent distributors.

In recent years Vitfoss has increased its turnover significantly thanks to its modern production facilities. Up-to-date production facilities are vital to maintain our position as market leader and to make optimum solutions adapted to the raw materials that are available to the individual farmer. In 2007 Vitfoss implemented a new production technology for the manufacture of the future’s vitamin and mineral compounds, i.e. Vitacaps®.

In the year 2009 we inaugurated a new advanced bulk terminal. The terminal has 27 distribution silos and an integrated quality system, which secures full traceability.