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Stalosan F

Long-time efficacy with Stalosan F

Regular use of Stalosan F in animal housings improves sanitation standards, lowers the disease level and increases both condition of life and feed conversion rate.

Due to its antimicrobial effect Stalosan F controls bacteria, viruses, fungi, fly-larvae and parasites, including Coccidia and roundworm.

The antimicrobial effect includes E.coli 149, Salmonella Typhimurium DT104, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus uberis, mycoplasma, campylobacter a.o.

The effect of Stalosan F includes, amongst others, microorganisms causing diarrhoea, coccidiosis, joint infections, hoof injuries, increased somatic cell count, mastitis, abscesses, respiratory disorders, etc. Stalosan F can be added while the animals are present.

Increased stress of domestic animals due to high stocking rates, high performances, changes of feed and transport increases the risk of infections and diseases. Regular use of Stalosan F will lower the risk to a minimum. Stalosan F has been on the market for more than 40 years and no side effects have ever been reported on animals or humans.
Stalosan F is economical in use. Simply apply 50 g/m2 for 3 days, and thereafter once a week. In special cases Stalosan F can be used more frequently.

Please note:

  • Do not use Stalosan F in combination with flies of prey.
  • Stalosan F for all animals
  • Stalosan F is applied on the floor in animal houses - sprinkle it by hand or use a blower

Special attention should be


  • Under the sow and in places where the piglets sleep and reside.
  • In moist places where piglets eat and drink.
  • Deep litter sections.
  • Slatted floors.


  • Where the cow rests, especially under the udder and in moist places.
  • In cubicles and in stanchion barns, especially at the back, near trough and dung channel.
  • In deep litter sections, over the mat where the animals rest.
  • In calf boxes the whole area should be reated.
  • Poultry
  • Over existing mats.
  • In nesting boxes.
  • In moist places.
  • Horses
  • In the entire horse box special attention should be paid to the edges.
  • Sheep
  • Onto the straw. This is very important for lambing sheep.


Dosage instructions with blower

  • Recommended dosage of Stalosan F is 50 g/m2 or 5 kg/100 m2.
  • Switch off any ventilation system before blowing out Stalosan F.
  • Pour an adequate amount of Stalosan F into a bucket. Taking into account the blower's range we recommend a maximum quantity of 5 kg Stalosan F for each blowing out.
  • Place yourself safely, holding the blower in your left or right hand. The blower is designed for one-hand operation.
  • Dip the suction pipe of the blower into the bucket containing Stalosan F, leaving a small opening for air inlet.
  • The exhaust end of the blower should point upward (15-45° from ground level) during blowing out and be moved from side to side. This procedure ensures optimum spread and distribution of Stalosan F. Tests show that a single spot allows a blowing range of about 100 m2. One blow takes about 1-1/2 minute. Under normal circumstances the blower can spread up to 8 kg Stalosan F per minute.
  • For animal housings larger than 100 m2, we recommend to split the area into sections of an appropriate size. In the case of a 500 m2 housing, five strategic positions are required for optimum spread.
  • To maintain the desired effect you need to blow out Stalosan F once a week.
  • After blowing out, empty the blower for Stalosan F.